MUSE 2019 | Public Gallery



MUSE 2019 | Public Gallery

Vignettes Public Gallery - Open for public viewing, the gallery welcomes all art and design enthusiasts to explore the immersive and interactive environments built by the Edmonton creative community.

The Gallery will be open Thursday, Friday 5 pm to 12 pm and Saturday between 11 am and midnight. All tickets are general admission.

The public gallery tickets allow you to attend the following events:

Please note the Gallery will be 18+ 8 pm - 12:00 am. NO MINORS after 8:00 pm

Thursdays - Thought Series - 7pm-9pm
Listen, connect, and share your stories with other like-minded individuals in
thought-provoking live talk series co-hosted by podcasted and blogger Just Bobby T and creator of Vignettes, Leigh Wright.

Friday - Mixers and Mixologists - 5 pm -Midnight
For the after-work crowds in mind, join us at the gallery with live music mixes and signature cocktails from your favourite local restaurants and guest bartenders. Explore the gallery and all it has to offer as you kick off the weekend.

Saturday- Chef Series featuring cooking classes from some of Edmonton’s best chefs and restaurants. All Chef series tickets will be sold separately from general admission. General admission does not include chef series. COMING SOON..


There are no more remaining dates scheduled for this event.